“So much I miss you” – A 30 year journey…and counting!

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While it’s been a 40 year journey of music…so far, it has also taken 30 years to write “So much I miss you”.   I can hear some of you saying. “If it takes you 30 years to write a song, don’t give up your day job”. And you may be right!   Many of my songs […]

“Songs for Kaylen” – A Type 1 Diabetes Story – Telling it like it is!

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When a child is diagnosed with any disease, we as parents go through so many emotions.  The first being disbelief and fear.  As you adapt to the situation, as hard as it can be, we go through that “let’s fight!” stage and we never want to give up on our children. So, that’s what we […]

Break a leg!!!…..Literally

Break a leg

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Bad luck doesn’t necessarily mean bad choices, or, a bad person.  Does it?  It is what it is.  However, when misfortune seems to be the norm, you tend to question life on a deeper level. I have put my dream of making a living being a composer, creative songwriter on the shelf for so long […]